Sterile, Tamper Evident IV Bag Port Seals

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Safe, sterile, tamper-evident seals for admixture ports on I.V. bags, bottles, and vials. Protects against contamination and accidental double dosing. Alert staff when a drug has been added. The foil outer layer provides visible evidence of a needle puncture. Removing the Steri-Tamp® outer layer leaves a printed “OPENED” warning and cannot be reapplied.

Designed to withstand freezing temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius, Steri-Tamp®’s powerful adhesive seal has been shown to be over three times stronger than others on the market and provides a 100% sterile barrier.

Albiox offer IV bag seals in three different colors: Blue, Red and also Yellow with CHEMO imprint.

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Ordering information

Blue – ST5112

Red – ST5103

Yellow, CHEMO – ST7103