Aspirating & Fill Needles

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Rx-Tract™ Needles provide high-quality solutions for introducing fluids to deep wells and vials, drawing liquids for reconstruction or pre-fill syringes prior to administration. Each needle in the Rx-Tract line of needles comes with a convenient sealed guard to enhance pharmacist and clinician safety.

Needles are provided as:

The sharp cannula is used to draw fluid for reconstruction or to pre-fill syringes prior to administration.

The large-bore, blunt cannula allows rapid transfer of blood with minimum hemolysis. The blunt end prevents accidental needle sticks.

  • Packaged Sterile
  • Pyrogen Free
  • Individual Blister Packs
  • 100 Units Per Box

Ordering information

19 gauge x 3″ – Sharp Cannula – 100 pcs – IMI32-21

19 gauge x 5″ – Sharp Cannula – 100 pcs – IMI32-22

16 gauge x 5″ – Blunt Cannula – 100 pcs – IMI32-31

16 gauge x 8″ – Blunt Cannula – 100 pcs – IMI32-32

16 gauge X 3.5″ – Blunt Aspirating Needle With Special Guard – IMI32-34

IMI32-34 is designed for white blood cell labeling and special needs of the nuclear pharmacists. The needle may be installed or removed from the syringe with the guard intact. (The ribbed guard engages the needle hub allowing the guard and the needle to be attached or detached from the syringe or other luer lock fitting as a single unit. This helps reduce cross contamination.)

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100 pcs

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