Chemo-Vent™ filtered venting needle

The Chemo-Vent™ filtered venting needle is designed for use when reconstituting and withdrawing cytotoxic anti-neoplastic agents. The non-coring needle easily penetrates all stoppers with minimum risk of damage, while the hydrophobic filter maintains asepsis and prevents toxic, aerosolized materials from leaving the container during filling.

  • Red color coding to safely identify use with cytotoxic agents.
  • 0.2 micron hydrophobic filter.
  • 20 gage x 1.5” non-coring, stainless steel needle (non-reactive to agents such as cis-platin).
  • Packaged Sterile
  • Individual Blister Packs
  • 100 Units Per Box

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Chemo-Vent™ filtered venting needle  – 100 pcs/pck – IMI31-50

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