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MicroTak Mats for the removal of dirt, dust and particle contamination from footwear and trolleys.

Manufactured with an adhesive polythene film, each low profile mat can effectively capture and remove contamination at the entrance to cleanrooms and other controlled working environments. MicroTak tacky Mats contain 30 sheets that can be individually peeled away once used. Numbered corner tabs show clearly how many sheets are left.

MicroTak mats are treated with an active anti-microbial additive which can kill gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, algae and fungi, delivering additional protection against footbourne contamination.

Available in a white, grey or blue color and a range of sizes. MicroTak Tacky Mats can also be secured side by side for wider entrances.

Ordering information

White – 18 x 36″ – MF1836

White – 18 x 45″ – MF1845

White – 24 x 36″ – MF2436

Grey – 18 x 45″ – MF0004

Blue – 26 x 45″ – MF2602