Nultraviolet Amber IV Infusion Covers

Our Nultraviolet amber cover bag is an ideal accessory to protect IV infusions from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light can cause oxidation, hydrolysis and loss of potency to sensitive meds in solutions. This loss can be greatly minimized or eliminated by protecting the IV solution.

Simply place a Nultraviolet bag over the infusion container (bag, bottle, piggyback container, syringe) to ensure medication potency.  If you want to check fluid levels, flow rates, etc., just lift the bag. When you’re finished, just cover up the container again by lowering the bag.

Nultraviolet bags are manufactured from highly specialized, ultraviolet inhibitant polyethylene. They’re 100% effective against 96.7% of the UV spectral range. And, they’re less expensive than amber, light-resistant glass containers and much less cumbersome than annoying foil wrapping.

Ordering information

3″ x 9″ (Syringe) – 1000pcs –ALBPC192D

5″ x 7,5″ – 500pcs – ALBPC191D

8″ x 14″ – 500pcs – ALBPC190D

11″ x 18″  – 1000pcs – ALBPC195M

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