Vented Vial Adapter

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Vented Vial Adapters are a safe and easy-to-use solution for reconstitution of cytotoxics, antibiotics and other hazardous chemicals.

A single-use needle-free device, Vented Vial Adapters can be securely fastened to any standard 13mm or 20mm diameter vial. The novel skirt design prevents the adapter from being detached once applied, providing irremovable and stable vial access. An integrated grip grants superior handling and reduced risk of contact with the luer lock connection.

Each device incorporates a bilateral 0.2µm hydrophobic filter allowing the user to precisely aspirate from the vial without the risk of aerosol contamination, or the need for manual pressure equalisation.

The Vented Vial Adapters are presented individual blister packed, CE marked with full lot traceability.

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13mm – IV0013

20mm – IV0020L

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13mm, 20mm



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100 pcs/pck

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