Polypropylene Pillows

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Highly absorbent Polypropylene Pillows are designed to support accidental chemical and non-chemical spills by soaking up large quantities of liquid.

The polypropylene fabric rapidly collects all liquids, chemicals and acids, soaking up to ten times its own weight. Each pillow can be easily removed without the risk of disintegrating or dripping
and can be incinerated leaving very little ash.

Produced using low-linting material, each pillow can be used in controlled environments including cleanrooms, laboratories and clinical areas.

Ordering information

Heavy duty – 12pcs/pck – CS2016

Light duty – 20pcs/pck – CS2221

Medium duty – 12pcs/pck – CS2224

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18 x 18”, 8.5 x 17”, 8.5 x 8.5”


non sterile

Sales Unit

10 x 20 pcs/pck, 12 pcs/pck

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