Crimpers and Decappers for Vials

Albiox offer manual and electronic crimping tools to meet the diverse array of laboratory crimping and decapping applications. Manual crimping tools are ergonomically designed. High quality and consistency in manufacturing along with ease of use, translates to more efficient sampling and less down time for end users due to damaged vials or loose seals.

CRS electronic and Manual crimpers/decappers fit standard vials and seals with aluminum caps.
The crimpers and decappers can be adjusted easily to achieve the desired crimp strenght so that there’s no need to squeeze more than what’s necessary. 
The electronic crimpers have electronically adjustable cycle that is accurate and reproducible and can be adjusted with the control pad on top of the unit. The tools are ergonomically designed to reduce strain.
  • Powerful motor with a fast cycle
  • Long lasting battery with Lithium Ion technology
  • Advanced charging system including warning light when recharging is necessary
  • Can be operated while charging
  • Convenient controls on top of unit to adjust crimp


Ordering information

Manual Crimper for 20 mm aluminum crimp cap – ALB320990

Manual decapper for 20 mm aluminum crimp cap – ALB320991

Electronic Crimper for 20 mm aluminum crimp cap – ALB6A20C0

Base for Electronic Crimping Tools – ALB5ABAS0