Cleaning and disinfection

We offer a comprehensive range of sterile dry wipes. Each SteriClean® wipe is made from polyester/cellulose bonded fibres which form an extremely robust and absorbent material.

Low linting with low extractables, SteriClean® Dry Wipes are supplied ready folded in alcohol resistant paper free packaging and irradiated at not less than 25 kGy making them an ideal choice for ISO class 8 cleanrooms.

Available in several packaging configurations from individually packaged to economic multi-packs, all batches are presented with lot numbers for easy traceability.

SteriClean® IMS and IPA FloWrap wipes offer a convenient, cost effective and high quality alternative to tub wipes in cleanroom disinfection.

Our SteriClean® FloWrap range use a strong, thick 68gsm low linting wipe for greater absorbency and coverage of surfaces. Ready folded and packed in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, our SteriClean® FloWrap Wipes are impregnated with high performance isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or de-natured ethanol (IMS). Each pack is gamma irradiated to no less than 25 kGy making for suitable use in aseptic areas and critically controlled work areas.

The peel and reseal label allows each pack to be resealed between wipes avoiding the risk of drying out. Operators are left with only a thin piece of polythene to dispose of after all wipes have been used, reducing waste.

High performance general purpose disinfectant sprays for use in cleanrooms and critically controlled environments. SteriClean® Alcohol Sprays use an optimal mix of 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or de-natured ethanol (DE), blended with 30% water for injection (WFI) and 0.2 micron filtered for use in aseptic areas.

Contained in an ergonomic and lightweight bottle, each spray uses a proven closed bag in bottle spray assembly to maintain sterility of contents by restricting the ingress of bacteria. 0.45L trigger sprays are ideal for accessible cleaning in confined work areas. Each SteriClean® Alcohol Spray is double or triple bagged in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and gamma sterilised to no less than 25 kGy, suitable for efficient aseptic transfer into cleanrooms and isolator environments.

InSpec Range includes disinfectants, sporicides and detergents for use in GMP cleanrooms and facilities.