UV Light Inhibiting Amber Bags, Sealable

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Certain medications, antibiotics and compounded chemotherapy products, need to be stored and transported in light inhibiting amber bags that restrict exposure of the product to light. Such light sensitive medications can become toxic and harmful for administration should sub-standard packaging be utilized.

Amber bags are fully certified to Pharmacopoeia standards restricting the amount of observed light passing through the bag, not exceeding 10% threshold at any wavelength in the range of 290nm to 450nm.

Offering exceptional protection for any healthcare application, our amber bags are available to in a range of sizes ideal for IV Bag covers, secure transfer of syringes and storage of chemotherapy medications.

Amber bags can be securely sealed and used, protecting the critical integrity of the light sensitive products and eliminating the risk of UV exposure.

With full technical specifications and supporting certification, our amber bags are fully LOT traceable.

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20 x 12”


non sterile

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5 x 100 pcs/pck

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