OcuSafe Disposable Needle

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OcuSafe Needle is a disposable, singlelumen medical needle intended for use with a luer-tip syringe for the administration of drugs. It is provided sterile, intended for single use and is non-pyrogenic.

The needle hub has a universal “female” luer fitting that mates to “male” luer fittings. It is compatible with luer-slip and luer-lock syringes. Each needle gauge / size is recognized by the color of the artwork / label and by the identification system (International System of Units in millimeters). Gauges available: 29G, 30G, 31G and 33G. Sizes available: 13 mm (29G, 30G, 31G) and 8 mm (33G).

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OcuSafe Disposable Needle – 33G, 8mm – Black/Dark blue – 100 pcs – PN0405-01

OcuSafe Disposable Needle – 31G, 13mm – White/Magenta – 100 pcs – PN0405-04

OcuSafe Disposable Needle – 30G, 13mm – Yellow – 100 pcs – PN0405-03

OcuSafe Disposable Needle – 29G, 13mm – Red – 100 pcs – PN0405-08

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100 pcs

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