DE Sterile Denatured Alcohol 70%

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Sterile Denatured Alcohol 70% v/v with WFI Quality Water.

InSpec™ DE is designed for bactericidal and fungicidal cleaning, spraying, wiping and mopping applications. Hold spray approximately 15cm to 20cm from wipe/area to be treated.

Apply to surface to ensure complete coverage. Wipes – access wipes via peel back opening, resealing as necessary. Sachets tear open.

Appearance: Clear liquid, free from particles. Specific Gravity (20°C): 0.880 to 0.888. Denatured Ethanol proportion: 70% +/- 2% v/v.

  • Low residue
  • Rapid action
  • Bactericidal and Fungicidal
  • 1 Litre Trigger Spray has 3 months validated ‘in-use’ shelf life as contents are protected via ‘bag-inbottle’ technology
  • All formats manufactured with WFI quality water
  • Multiple bags for cleanroom transfer
  • Ideal surface and aseptic transfer disinfectants
  • Manufactured in accordance with GMP

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InSpec DE 1l Trigger Spray – 6pcs – DEWFI10-1LS

InSpec DE 15 Pouch Wipes – 25pcs – DEWFIPCH15S

InSpec DE 50 Pouch Wipes – 16pcs – DEWFIPCH50S

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