Bioclean® Ultimate Cleanroom Glove

BioClean™ Ultimate Synthetic Cleanroom Glove, delivers an effective combination of strength, protection and grip in cleanroom environments.

A proprietary copolymer blend containing no latex proteins provides assured suitability for operators with latex-allergies or for latex-free departments. The thin material maintains optimal protection against cytotoxics and chemical agents, compliant to EN ISO 374 and ASTM D6978 standards. A textured surface on the fingertips allows efficient grip of both wet and dry products.

Cleanroom processed and gamma sterilised, ensures compatibility for up to ISO Class 4 and EU GMP Grade A operating conditions. A wide range of different sizes are available, all supplied in paper-free PE packaging with full lot traceability.

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6.5 – GS1065

7 – GS1070

7.5 – GS1075

8 – GS1080

8.5 – GS1085

9 – GS1090

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