Vented Vial Adapters and Chemo-Vent Filtered Needle

Vented Vial Adapter 20mm

Albiox vented vial adapters are a safe and easy-to-use in solutions for reconstitution of cytotoxics, antibiotics and other hazardous chemicals.

A single-use needle-free device can be securely fastened to any standard 20mm diameter vial. The novel skirt design prevents the adapter from being detached once applied, providing irremovable and stable vial access. An integrated grip reduces the risk of contamination with the luer lock connection.

Vented vial adapters incorporate a bilateral 0.2µm hydrophobic filter that allows the user to precisely aspirate from the vial without the risk of aeorosol contamination.

20mm – IV0020L

Chemo-Vent™ filtered venting needle

Designed for the use of cytotoxic medical. It has an hydrophobic teflon filter that suits for filtering of aggressive substances such as cytostatics and prevents aerosolized materials from leaving the container during filling. It has an non-coring needle that penetrates stoppers easily with minimum risk of damage. It comes sterile and single packed in 100 units per box.

IMI31-50 – 100 pcs/pck