New Sterile Seals!


Steri-Tamp® Tamper-Evident Sterile Seals are the only single-use tamper-evident seals
that provide and maintain a 100% sterile barrier. Steri-Tamp® sterile seals help to fight against contamination,
tampering and accidental double dosing, making it an ideal choice for USP <797> and USP <800> compliance.

Clear visibility
− Only tears when syringe is opened – no more waste!
− Improves workflow – saves time and reduces errors.
− Easy to remove off liner without tearing.
− Easy to manipulate over desired products.
Steri-Tamp® seals were specifically designed to protect IV bags, vials and syringes from tampering and contamination. When applied, the seal’s medical-grade foil outer layer provides immediate visible evidence of a needle puncture. Removal of the outer layer leaves a printed “OPENED” warning on the container that immediately alerts practitioners that the medication has been accessed. Once removed, the seal can’t be reapplied.

Designed to withstand freezing temperatures down to -20 degrees Centigrade, Steri-Tamp®’s powerful adhesive seal has been shown to be over three times stronger than others on the market and provides a 100% sterile barrier.  Vial seals are available in three colors and sizes (13 mm red, 20 mm silver, and 28 mm blue).  IV Bag Seals are available in red, blue and yellow with a CHEMO imprint. The Green Belly Button Seals can be used on 13 mm vials as well as the “belly button” port of a Hospira bag.  Additionally, red syringe seals provide tamper-evidence for syringes and other medication packaging. All Steri-Tamp® products are packaged in a convenient USP <797> compliant dispenser.

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