Venting and Transfer Devices

ideal solution for sterile venting and particulate filtration of cytotoxics and other hazardous solutions. An integrated 0.1 µm PTFE air filter membrane and 5 µm particulate filter facilitates dual filtration performance whilst retaining excellent flow rates.

Vent and Filter can be attached directly to a luer lock syringe.  A handy safety snap cap reduces the risk of cross contamination with the luer connection.

Albiox supply products individually blister packed, CE-marked with full lot traceability.

Luer Lock Connectors

SKUProductSizeSales unit
IV5713 Female Luer Lock Connector std 100 pcs/pck
IV5712 Female Luer Lock (Micro Channel) Connector std 100 pcs/pck

Needle-free Devices

SKUProductSizeSales unit
IV0020L Vented Vial Adapter 20mm 100 pcs/pck
IV0013 Vented Vial Adapter 13mm 100 pcs/pck
IV4040 PharmaVent™ Spike Vent std 2 x 50 pcs/pck


SKUProductSizeSales unit
ALBLDS33009-5 TSK Needle Low Dead Space 33G 9mm box 5 x 100 pcs, Double packed 5pcs/pck
ALB350201-5 BD 18-G x 1 1/2-in BD filter needle with 5-micron filter membrane 5 pcs/pck, box 5 x 100 pcs

Sterile Multi-pack Syringes - Uncapped

SKUProductSizeSales unit
XX3220BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 20ml 4 x 25 pcs
XX3130BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 30ml 10 x 10 pcs
XX3230BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 30ml 4 x 25 pcs
XX3150BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 50ml 5 x 10 pcs
XX3250BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 50ml 2 x 25 pcs
XX3350BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 50ml 5 x 25 pcs
XX3101BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 1ml 50 x 10 pcs
XX3103BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 3ml 50 x 10 pcs
XX3203BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 3ml 20 x 25 pcs
XX3503BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 3ml 10 x 50 pcs
XX3105BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 5ml 40 x 10 pcs
XX3205BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 5ml 16 x 25 pcs
XX3110BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 10ml 35 x 10 pcs
XX3120BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 20ml 10 x 10 pcs

Sterile Multi-pack Syringes Luer Slip - Uncapped

SKUProductSizeSales unit
XX3101BBLS PharmaPack® BB syringe (LS) 1ml 30 x 10 pcs
XX3101LS PharmaPack® BD syringe (LS) 1ml 20 x 25 pcs
XX3052BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LS) 2ml 75 x 5 pcs

Syringe Caps

SKUProductSizeSales unit
IV2102 Combi-Cap® Luer Lock Syringe Cap std 1,000 pcs/pck
XX3005 Male Luer Lock Syringe Cap std 100 x 30 pcs/pck
IV5750R Tamper Evident IV Syringe Cap std 10 x 10 pcs/pck

Venting Devices - Cannula

SKUProductSizeSales unit
IV7471 PharmaVent™ Needle Vent 18mm 2 x 50 pcs/pck