Sterile Multipack Syringes

Albiox offer a comprehensive range of our PharmaPack® Sterile Multi-Packed Syringes in various packaging configurations, suitable for high volume aseptic manufacturing units.

PharmaPack® Sterile Multi-Pack Syringes provide a quick, efficient and cost effective solution when transferring several syringes into a cleanroom environment, saving the user precious work time and expense. A secure double bag containing multiple loose packed syringes, PharmaPack® can significantly help to minimise individual packaging waste.

Available with luer-lock or luer-slip connections, PharmaPack® Syringe Multi-Packs are in-house CE marked and double bagged in our dedicated ISO Class 7 cleanroom facility. All syringes are aligned in the same direction for improved efficiency and sterilised by gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide (ETO).

Helapet offer syringe capping with this product, also with triple bagged

Needle-free Devices

SKUProductSizeSales unit
IV0020L Vented Vial Adapter 20mm 100 pcs/pck
IV0013 Vented Vial Adapter 13mm 100 pcs/pck
IV4040 PharmaVent™ Spike Vent std 2 x 50 pcs/pck

Sterile Luer Lock Connectors

SKUProductSizeSales unit
IV5713 Female Luer Lock Connector std 100 pcs/pck
IV5712 Female Luer Lock (Micro Channel) Connector std 100 pcs/pck

Sterile Multi-pack Syringes - Uncapped

SKUProductSizeSales unit
XX3220BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 20ml 4 x 25 pcs
XX3130BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 30ml 10 x 10 pcs
XX3230BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 30ml 4 x 25 pcs
XX3150BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 50ml 5 x 10 pcs
XX3250BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 50ml 2 x 25 pcs
XX3350BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 50ml 5 x 25 pcs
XX3101BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 1ml 50 x 10 pcs
XX3103BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 3ml 50 x 10 pcs
XX3203BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 3ml 20 x 25 pcs
XX3503BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 3ml 10 x 50 pcs
XX3105BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 5ml 40 x 10 pcs
XX3205BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 5ml 16 x 25 pcs
XX3110BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 10ml 35 x 10 pcs
XX3120BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LL) 20ml 10 x 10 pcs

Sterile Multi-pack Syringes Luer Slip - Uncapped

SKUProductSizeSales unit
XX3101BBLS PharmaPack® BB syringe (LS) 1ml 30 x 10 pcs
XX3101LS PharmaPack® BD syringe (LS) 1ml 20 x 25 pcs
XX3052BD PharmaPack® BD syringe (LS) 2ml 75 x 5 pcs

Sterile Syringe Caps

SKUProductSizeSales unit
IV2102 Combi-Cap® Luer Lock Syringe Cap std 1,000 pcs/pck
XX3005 Male Luer Lock Syringe Cap std 100 x 30 pcs/pck
IV5750R Tamper Evident IV Syringe Cap std 10 x 10 pcs/pck