Sterile Tamper Evident Seals

Albio offer Safe, sterile, tamper evident seals for admixture ports on Vials I.V. bags, bottles and Syringes. Protects against contamination and accidental double dosing. Alerts staff when a drug has been added. Foil outer layer provides visible evidence of a needle puncture. Removing the Steri-Tamp® outer layer leaves a printed “OPENED” warning and cannot be reapplied.

Only tears when syringe is opened – no more waste!
− Improves workflow – Saves time and reduces errors.
− Easy to remove off liner without tearing.
− Easy to manipulate over desired products.

Sterile Belly Button Bag Port Seal

SKUProductSizeSales unit
ST6101 Sterile, Temper Evident Belly Button Bag Port Seal, Green 1000 pcs

Sterile IV Bag Port Seals

SKUProductSizeSales unit
ST5112 Sterile, Temper Evident IV Bag Port Seal, Blue 1000 pcs
ST5103 Sterile, Temper Evident IV Bag Port Seal, Red 1000 pcs
ST7103 Sterile, Temper Evident IV Bag Port Seals - CHEMO, Yellow 1000 pcs

Sterile Syringe Seal

SKUProductSizeSales unit
ST4103 Sterile, Temper Evident Red Syringe Seal, Red 1000 pcs

Sterile Vial Seals

SKUProductSizeSales unit
ST1102 Sterile, Temper Evident 28 mm vial seal, Blue 1000 pcs
ST900901 Sterile, Temper Evident 20 mm vial seal, Silver 1000 pcs
ST2103 Sterile, Temper Evident 13 mm vial seal, Red 1000 pcs