Temperature Breach Indicators

Timestrip Plus™ is a cost effective onetime use indicator, design to register temperature breaches above +8°C.

Ideal for cold chain monitoring requirements, Timestrip Plus™ provides immediate indication of a temperature breach, using a period window to show the total duration of the breach during transportation. Ideal for storage and distribution activities that require below +8°C threshold, Timestrip Plus™ can support thermal transportation of vaccines, TPN, cytotoxics, insulin, antibiotics and other temperature sensitive products.

Small and compact with an adhesive back, Timestrip Plus™ can be securely applied to different types of product. The indication window is easy and simple to understand and activation begins with a simple squeeze of the blister. As long as the transported product is held at, or under the temperature threshold the period window will remain white, changing to blue only once a temperature breach has occurred.

Timestrip Plus™ offers essential support for accurate monitoring of both large and small cold chain logistic operations.