Biomedical Research and Production

Biomedical Research & Production

We offer more than 30,000 products for research and diagnostic production, product lines include: tissue and cell culture applications, including cell lines, 3D culture systems, serums, cytokines, Inhibitors, mycoplasma detection, prevention and elimination, various antimicrobial agents, selective antibiotics, detection kits, the transfection reagents endotoxin detection kits, primary and secondary antibodies.
Our products can be customized to meet any quantity required.

We have selected our suppliers primarily on the basis of high quality and expertise.


Abbkine provide products, like extraction kit, protein purificationtools,
protein labeling and quantification kits, epitope tag antibodies and internal control antibodies, primary antibodies and featured secondary antibodies,
Full portfolio of ELISA Kits with high sensibility and specificity, featured portfolio of cytology products: cytokines
cell status detection kits and reagent (cell proliferation, apoptocsis, cell senescence),cell Staining kits, organelle extraction kits, cell metabolism assay kits.


Biontex offers a comprehensive range of reagents for Transfection, proteofection, microfection and mycoplasma testing.


Celprogen developing stem cell research and therapeutics products for regenerative medicine in cardiology, oncology, diabetes & neurology. All of Celprogen’s biological products, including stem cells, cancer stem cells, iPC’s & media including ECM’s.

Glentham Life Sciences

Glentham Life Sciences is a leading supplier of fine chemicals, raw materials, reagents and life science products.


InvivoGen offers a comprehensive range of reagents, engineered cell lines and assay kits to meet your research needs in innate immunity and mammalian cell expression.
For cell culture, we provide solutions for microbial contamination, plus selective antibiotics and an endotoxin detection kit.
We also provide an expanding collection of reporter cell lines to monitor intracellular signaling pathways induced by cytokines or by pattern recognition receptor (PRR) ligands.
For major PRR signaling pathways, we provide families of relevant ligands, inhibitors and antibodies.
Moreover, we provide a large choice of human and murine genes, cellular promoters, and cloning and expression vectors for different applications.